Weigh Less; Live More

Imagine a healthy lifestyle free from the cultural conformity of fad and yo-yo dieting, deprivation, guilt, and denial of your favorite foods.


Are you ready to journey beyond the plate?

Learn how to use your mind as a tool to conquer the road blocks to a healthy weight. You will leave this workshop knowing exactly what is needed to create a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Michele understands your struggle!

Her triumph over obesity and type 2 diabetes compelled her to shift careers to help women, like you, achieve their goals for a healhier and happier life.

Like autumn, change can be beautiful.

In this extraordinary, holistic, and interactive workshop, attendees will discover why and how to retrain their brain for increased confidence, self-love, and mental empowerment.    

With research-backed practices, you’ll be equipped to make healthier food and lifestyle choices; essential to achieving a healthy weight.

Who’s it For

Women age 35 plus

Why You Should Come

You deserve to know the truth! Losing weight requires assessing how all areas of your life are connected. For instance, does stress at your job cause you to overeat? Does lack of energy prevent you from exercising?

No matter what meal plan or amount of exercise you choose, losing and keeping weight off can be hard. You need to be equipped with holistic practices and mind tools to cope with life’s emotional roller coaster of ups and downs.

What to Expect

        • Be informed about why diets fail and the difference between dieting and a healthy detox aka elimination diet to determine what foods best serve hour unique body
        • Understand common triggers that cause stress, cravings and trigger emotional eating
        • Learn how to combat hormones and brain chemistry that often hijack food, fitness, and other lifestyle choices
        • Discover techniques for retraining the brain for a postiive and strong mindset
        • Identify the five essential steps for hardwiring healthier habits
        • Know how to achieve a healthy balance of foods for a lighter body and satisfying lifestyle
        • Feel confident in food choices for you and your loved ones
        • Be mentally empowered to do your best
        • Define and commit to the first step on your journey to weighing less and living more
        • Receive professional handouts for future reference
        • Enjoy light refreshments upon arrival and during the late morning break

    How health coaching can help you?

    We’ll discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

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