How to Shed Weight Journeying Beyond the Plate

You want to feel and look healthier, but you haven’t found a way to make weight loss stick.

Michele understands your struggle!

Her triumph over obesity and type 2 diabetes compelled her to shift careers to help women,
like you, achieve their goals for a healhier and happier life.

During this interactive, fun, and enlightening event, Michele will reveal truths that the health care system doesn’t want you to know. She’ll share proven holistic practices that empower you with confidence, motivation, and techniques for permanently shedding those unwanted pounds.

You’ll be motivated to ditch dieting, create healthier habits, shed weight, enjoy food, and take charge of your health.

You are too smart to be confused by all the contradictory information about foods and diets.

Who’s it For

Women age 40 and over who are ready to step onto a proven path to sutained weight loss!

Why You Should Come

You deserve to see the light and stop conforming to a dieting and calorie counting culture. It’s a faulty recipe that women keep making in hope that their results will be better each time they try it. This is an outdated recipe; not modern nutrition.

What to Expect

  1. Learn how hormones & brain chemistry hijack your willpower to make healthy choices (it’s not your fault)
  2. Be able to implement practices that help conquer stress, emotional eating and sugar cravings
  3. Feel confident about choosing foods that are right for you by dispelling myths about foods and diet
  4. Understand your body better by assesing your metabolic body type
  5. Know how to trigger daily self-motivation with three powerful holistic techniques
  6. Discover the five essential steps for developing and hardwiring healthier habits
  7. Be mentally empowered to do your best
  8. Define and commit to the first step on the path to your unique and exciting health journey
  9. Receive professional handouts for future reference
  10. Enjoy light refreshments upon arrival and during the late morning break; including a celebration beverage surprise!

How health coaching can help you?

We’ll discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

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