Pain in the Drain


Would you keep a faucet running if the tub drain was clogged and overflowing?  

Would you keep bailing the water?

Probably not!  Likely, you’d  shut off the water and unclog the drain.  No brainer…right?

And, I bet you’d fix that blocked drain to prevent house damage.



Well, just like a tub or sink, we can develop blocks that can damage our bodies.  The good news is: we can fix our drains too!   But first, let me explain how these body blocks occur.


Toxic Overload

People get sick or experience irritating symptoms when their detox organs are overburdened by toxins.  In essence, their waste organs, such as the liver and kidney, work so hard to bail out the junk, the body cannot properly function.

To protect us from more harm, our body stores the toxins away from vital organs and into fat cells.  As a result, people gain wait or struggle with plateaus.  And any impacted waste in our intestines impair the absorption of essential nutrients.

Alas, well intentioned dieters lose unwanted pounds only to find them again.  When the body is still stressed by toxins, it will continue to wrap impurities in fat cells to prevent damage.



Now, recall why fixing a bathtub clog is a no brainer. — Because we care about our home and don’t want to damage it.   Food for thought – we live in our body too.  Damage is costly in many ways.

A sad truth about the health care system is that medications are given to address most health issues.  And, drugs can add more toxins!  Without proper education, most people don’t know how to shut off the inflow of toxins or or reduce them.

What Are Toxins?

Toxins come from stressors like emotional destress, processed foods, pesticides and herbicides, extra weight, being inactive, and environmental factors, such as pollution, smoke, and chemicals in cleaning, beauty, and personal care  products.  



These stressors lead to toxic build up; which triggers inflammation and fat storage.  And inflammation breads disease process.  By decreasing stressors, we can reduce inflammation and enhance health.  


Nutritional Cleansing

Detoxification resets our bodies in preparation for a healthier lifestyle forward.  Our toxic load is reduced, nutrient intake is increased, bodily systems are balanced, and we learn what foods do or do not serve our bodies well.




I believe that most people want to improve health, feel good, and shed unwanted pounds, but they don’t really understand how to achieve true health and vitality.

2019 is knocking at our door.  Perhaps it’s time to try something new!


New Year, New You

Are you ready to reset your body and feel great in 2019? 

If so, I invite you to contact me at

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy, and Blessed New Year


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