Just like a caterpillar builds its strength by struggling through a cocoon, a woman becomes a strong-winged beauty because she survives and transforms.  Many cultures view the butterfly as a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and life.  It’s associated with our soul.

Most of us enjoy catching a glimpse of a colorful, delicately winged butterfly that’s perched on a flower or gracefully dancing through the air.  However, we prefer to avoid those crawling, green or fur-covered caterpillars.  Personally, I wish the caterpillars munching on the parsley in my herb garden would dine elsewhere.  But, I don’t move or harm them because I know that, soon, they will decorate my flower garden with colorful wings.

So, when you struggle, you’re like the caterpillar.  At that time, you may not feel like the best version of yourself.  It’s during those times that you need to visualize the strength and beauty inside of you.

When women feel like a struggling caterpillar, they worry about how other’s will perceive them so they hide behind a mask.  Perhaps, you’ve made jokes about your weight, covered up skin flaws with heavy make-up, or kept painful, traumatic events to yourself.

Instead of covering up your imperfections, share your story so that others with similar experiences can help you!  You become relatable, admired for your honesty, and open to finding someone who sees inner your strength and beauty.  Then, like the butterfly, you find the strength to break out of the cocoon, spread your wings, and fly!

So, here’s my “not really a secret” anymore.  I never thought I’d ink my body, but my heart is leading me to add a small, artful, butterfly to my body.  I’ve transformed my health and career, and I’ve survived many painful life events.  When times get tough, the butterfly tattoo will remind me to stay strong no matter what is happening around me.

What struggle made you stronger?    Share how you’ve helped someone because of a personal experience.

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Stay Strong, Michele

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