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Hey, this is Michele,the Jazzy Health Coach.

I’ve created this unique space for you – women seeking ways to nourish their spirit. I hope you enjoy these artful messages of love, peace, and shared hope towards achievement of blissful transformation.

Soon, I’ll be serving up some smiles and laughs too! This is a space where you get a glimpse into my values and beliefs. Like many women, I’ve carried mountains that seemed insurmountable, but, guess what…. these heavy burdens are meant for us to climb. They make us stronger and wiser. We’re already beautiful no matter our shape, size, or past. Let’s make this a positive space where we lift each other with encouragement!

We Are Spiritual Beings Living in a Material World
We needn’t be defined by what we’ve done or where we’ve been…

by A.J. Castellitto

We Are Spiritual Beings Living in a Material World We needn’t be defined by what we’ve done or where we’ve been…

by A.J. Castellitto

Emperor of Life

Emperor of Life

Most people only dream of a healthier and happier life.   Why?


  • Our subconscious mind stores what we repeatedly say, do, believe, listen to, and are told.  Thus, we automatically think and live the same way every day.  If you believe losing weight or changing jobs is hopeless, tomorrow, you’ll think it again.


  • And, the most crippling thought of all is fear: fear of failure, fear of what people think, the unknown, ridicule or that we’re not good enough (lack knowledge, skills, strength, willpower). These pessimistic or limiting thoughts influence how we feel and what we do.


  • To fight the natural resistance to change, we have to intentionally feed our mind positive messages about ourselves and our ability to transform and grow.


Search your soul for what inspires you to fulfill your dreams and goals.  Then go for it!



Healing Thoughts

Use your mind to believe in yourself.  Nourish your body with heathy foods and movement.  Lift your spirit by acting on your goal, every day.

Now, put your shoulders back, stand tall, and take action toward your dreams and goals.  You are the only person that can change hopelessness into hope and dreams into reality.   Move forward without pressure.  Instead, be prayerful.  Take small steps and never give up.



Weighed Down

In my book, Journey Beyond the Plate, I explain how lack of sleep, stress, and our emotions trigger hormones and chemicals that influence choices that affect weight. Once you become aware of the issues essential to a healthy and happy life, you become empowered to change your life.


Nurture Inner Peace

Nurture Inner Peace

Inner peace can be realized when we quiet the chatter in our mind.

Self-derived expectations and life events can cause us to feel frustrated, angry, worried, or sad. These emotions rob our inner peace; often leading to the exact thing that we don’t want to have happen.

Negative emotions affect our actions, our ability to produce at peak, and enjoy the present moment.


Starting today, become aware of your mood.

  • When you feel negative emotions, such as sadness, fear, worry, or anger, think about what caused them.

  • Focus on something positive.  Is there anything you can do to make it better?  If not, let it go.

  • Start every day with an intention to nurture inner peace.



Healthy Desire

Healthy Desire

Emotional power is desire
Unlike the dandelion wish
Need stronger than admire
So far from fairy tale bliss

To wish is less than goal
True longing is the key
Puffballs disappear in air
Yet, yearning sets us free

Is healthy your heart’s desire
or a fleeting wish of mind
Unseen air or flames of fire
Leads to what you’ll find

Dig for an authentic why
Train the mind to control
Confidence touches sky
When vision wraps soul

What is it that you see?
How intense does it feel?
When will you believe?
That healthy can be real

Michele Jazzalyn

Strength & Beauty Evolve from Struggle

Strength & Beauty Evolve from Struggle

Just like a caterpillar builds its strength by struggling through a cocoon, a woman becomes a strong-winged beauty because she survives and transforms.  Many cultures view the butterfly as a symbol of endurance, change, hope, and life.  It’s associated with our soul.

Most of us enjoy catching a glimpse of a colorful, delicately winged butterfly that’s perched on a flower or gracefully dancing through the air.  However, we prefer to avoid those crawling, green or fur-covered caterpillars.  Personally, I wish the caterpillars munching on the parsley in my herb garden would dine elsewhere.  But, I don’t move or harm them because I know that, soon, they will decorate my flower garden with colorful wings.

So, when you struggle, you’re like the caterpillar.  At that time, you may not feel like the best version of yourself.  It’s during those times that you need to visualize the strength and beauty inside of you.

When women feel like a struggling caterpillar, they worry about how other’s will perceive them so they hide behind a mask.  Perhaps, you’ve made jokes about your weight, covered up skin flaws with heavy make-up, or kept painful, traumatic events to yourself.

Instead of covering up your imperfections, share your story so that others with similar experiences can help you!  You become relatable, admired for your honesty, and open to finding someone who sees inner your strength and beauty.  Then, like the butterfly, you find the strength to break out of the cocoon, spread your wings, and fly!

So, here’s my “not really a secret” anymore.  I never thought I’d ink my body, but my heart is leading me to add a small, artful, butterfly to my body.  I’ve transformed my health and career, and I’ve survived many painful life events.  When times get tough, the butterfly tattoo will remind me to stay strong no matter what is happening around me.

What struggle made you stronger?    Share how you’ve helped someone because of a personal experience.

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Stay Strong, Michele

First, Love Yourself

First, Love Yourself

Health is more than your physical condition.

First, you must love yourself enough to make choices that support and serve your life goals. 

Healing my body required re-setting my priorities so that I had time to focus on my health. For instance, I’d been visiting my 92 year old grandfather in a nursing home five times a week and staying there for three hours. Instead I limited my future visits to one hour.

I stopped spending dozens of weekends babysitting and assisting family and friends with their resumes, tax returns, and computer problems. Also I set boundaries between my professional life and home life. I changed my workday from 12 hours to 9 hours maximum.

Despite the occasional protest of friends and family who felt neglected, I overcame the initial guilt. Unlike my prior behavior, I had firmly carved out time to focus on my health. Subsequently, I was ready to move on to the demanding changes in my lifestyle.

  • Make yourself a priority. Put time aside each day for fun, relaxation, or an adventure.
  • Write down and carry out an intention for self-care.  It can be as simple as reading a few pages in a book, soaking in a hot tub, taking a nature walk, or a 5-minute meditation.
  • Establish healthy relationships with people who support, lift, and inspire you to be your best. Assess your relationships. Are they toxic or lift you?

Tell me, what’s the first thing you plan to do to love yourself more?

Destined to be Healthy

Destined to be Healthy

Destined to be Healthy – Time to Take the Wheel

Tomorrow is a promising start to a brand new day
To make it my best, I’m grabbing hold of the gear

I’m ready to shift from idle park into active drive
I’m headed to a healthier place; to feel more alive

Here, I’m comfortable, but I could have more fun
So I’ve decided to walk, dance, or maybe, I’ll run

I’ll need high quality fuel; the energy to get me there
I’ll choose healthier, fresh, whole foods because I care

My engine will have more power by replacing all the junk
I’m sure to reach my destination because I’ve got the spunk

I’ll plan for plenty of important rest stops along the way
To recharge my battery so I’ll conquer each new day

I’m done being the passenger; just enjoying the view
I’ll be the important driver; it’s my destiny to choose

The size and shape of my vehicle, I know matters not
I’ll just step on the pedal, and I’ll give it all that I’ve got

Actually, tomorrow is a promising start to a brand new me
I know the best route; it leads to the healthiest I can be

– M. Jazzalyn

Love. Believe. Learn. Achieve.

Love yourself
Believe in yourself

Learn what’s right for YOU
Achieve success as defined by YOU

A personal dream is still desire
until your dormant spirit catches fire

– M. Jazzalyn

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