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Everyone on this planet has an opportunity to create their own destiny; however, many women and men remain in stressful or unfulfilling jobs.  Perhaps you’re in a career that lacks flexibility or does not provide the income to comfortably support your desired lifestyle.


Fact is that most people develop poor eating and self-care habits because of extended lifestyles.  What we do for a living should nourish our soul; not deplete it.  To flourish, we need a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

For this reason, I decided to expand my services and provide an opportunity for women and men to upgrade their life, health and happiness.  I partnered with Arbonne International, a global health and wellness company with a successful and growing 38 year history.  And, the model and culture is non-discriminatory.  Anyone, regardless of background, has an opportunity to create an income using and sharing pure, safe, and beneficial health and wellness products.

As an Independent Consultant you get paid for your professional product recommendations and showing others how to do the same.  Because network marketing is a greatly misunderstood business model, I’ve included a brief video for your reference.


What is Network Marketing?  Click on Image to Learn.


Deciding to Enhance Your Health and Happiness

Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do I love what I do for a living?
  • If I keep doing what I’m doing, where will I be in five years?


Everyone has a different reason for taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Perhaps, your passionate about health, interested in a supplemental income, want more time with your family, or dream of financial freedom. Whatever your reason for wanting to make a positive change in your life,  I’ll meet you where you are and show you how to achieve your goals.  And, technology makes it possible for us to work together on-line or and by phone.


And, unlike the burdensome cost and overhead associated with most business start-ups and franchises, you can become an Independent Consultant and build a business for the cost of a small sign-up fee and a few products.


Why Arbonne


As a health coach, I offer both, services and products to my clients. However, most products on the market are full of harmful chemicals aka toxins; especially processed foods, bath and body products, and cosmetics. And, toxins are harmful to our bodies.

Arbonne’s products are based on an approach to holistic well-being.  They are botanical-based, pure, safe, and clinically tested for effectiveness.


The company is environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, charitable, and maintains a strict ingredient policy; banning 2,000 harmful ingredients.


Everyday, I’m spreading joy by sharing products that make people feel and look better. This business is about transforming people’s health, career, or both.

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What is Arbonne?  

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Success Stories

As a business owner, your income level is limitless.  I’ll show you a system of success;  however, your level of success will depend on your goals and effort.  Together, we will be creating a ripple of healthier and happier people.


This could be you.  Click their names to hear their stories.


Matt Raftery’s Story

Avery McCain’s Story                   

        Carleeta Nelson







 Ayesha Rumble

                                 Christy Dreiling 








                                                        Stuart Armstrong


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Cheers to your health and happiness 





“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln





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