Destined to be Healthy – Time to Take the Wheel

Tomorrow is a promising start to a brand new day
To make it my best, I’m grabbing hold of the gear

I’m ready to shift from idle park into active drive
I’m headed to a healthier place; to feel more alive

Here, I’m comfortable, but I could have more fun
So I’ve decided to walk, dance, or maybe, I’ll run

I’ll need high quality fuel; the energy to get me there
I’ll choose healthier, fresh, whole foods because I care

My engine will have more power by replacing all the junk
I’m sure to reach my destination because I’ve got the spunk

I’ll plan for plenty of important rest stops along the way
To recharge my battery so I’ll conquer each new day

I’m done being the passenger; just enjoying the view
I’ll be the important driver; it’s my destiny to choose

The size and shape of my vehicle, I know matters not
I’ll just step on the pedal, and I’ll give it all that I’ve got

Actually, tomorrow is a promising start to a brand new me
I know the best route; it leads to the healthiest I can be

– M. Jazzalyn

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