Ahhh,,,,finally, the weather is warming up and local farmer’s markets are popping up.  And, as the seasons change, our bodies begin craving something new.

In the cooler weather of fall and winter, you might crave foods like stew and root vegetables; which are grounding and relaxing (comfort foods).

In contrast, the body craves cooler and lighter foods throughout the summer heat.  So, tis the perfect season for improving health.

Eating more fresh produce is a great place to start.

Did you know that green is associated with spring – the time of renewal, refreshment, and vital energy? Nutritionally, greens are very high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamins A, C, E, and K.   Also, greens are loaded with fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll, and many other micronutrients and phytochemicals.   Leafy greens are airy, like the lungs, and strengthen the blood and respiratory systems.

SWEET POTATO AND STRAWBERRY SALAD: The best way to increase your nutrient intake is to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.

In fact, by eating more sweet fruits and vegetables, you can crowd out cravings for unhealthy sugars.

More tips for healthy season!  


Keep It Light

  • Buy produce from local farmers or eat from your garden
  • Eat foods that balance and nourish for the summer 
    • Dark leafy greens 
    • Fruit
    • Raw foods
    • Dark chocolate – 70% cocoa or more
    • Wheat, barley, quinoa
  • Have a cup of mixed berries every day
    • High in antioxidants
  • Choose diluted sangria, wine spritzer, or light beer over hard liquor


Pack Healthy Snacks

  • Maintain energy and wave goodbye to a ravenous appetite
    • Pack healthy snacks, such as
      • Nuts  
      • Apple, orange, banana
      • Whole grain rice crackers or chips
      • Plain popcorn without preservatives (corn, oil, salt) 
      • Protein shake mix
      • Individual packs of nut butter (use non-hydrogenated) 
      • Small square of dark chocolate (=> 70% cocoa)
      • Low sugar granola/nutrition bar (8 gm. sugar or less)
      • If refrigerator/freezer available 
        • Raw veggies, such as bell peppers, carrots, celery
        • Berries, frozen grapes
        • Small amount organic cheese (1 oz. serving)
        • Hummus or Guacamole
        • Organic yogurt with fruit or granola 


Stay Hydrated

  • Drinking too much water may result in mineral imbalance
  • Drinking too little water may result in dehydration, headache, fatigue
  • Drink about 9 cups of water each day
  • The amount of water is dependent on your lifestyle
    • For example, water content of fresh fruits & green leafy vegetables may increase hydration
  • Increase water intake in following situations
    • Hot/humid temperatures
    • Increased alcohol intake
    • During exercise
    • Bladder/urinary tract infections
    • Illness


Wishing you a healthy and fun summer!  Michele


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